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Armandina Martinez
Ph: (956) 716-4843

Guadalupe N. Gonzalez
Election Supervisor
Ph: (956) 716-4843
Sonia Rodriguez
Election Clerk
Ph: (956) 716-4843
Rebecca Reyna
Voter Registrar/Tech
Ph: (956) 716-4843

City of La Grulla Special Election July 23, 2024


Sample Ballot

Notice of Special Election for City of La Grulla

Order of Special Election

Notice of Deadline to File

Application for Special Election

Notice of Drawing for Place on Ballot

Starr County Republican Runoff Election May 28, 2024

Public Notice of Canvass

Canvass Report - Signed

Official Results

Official Results by Pct

Unofficial Results

Notice of Election for Starr County Republican Runoff

Notice of Delivery of Ballot Voted by Mail

Notice of Consolidated Precinct

Sample Ballot

Public Notice of Automatic Tabulating Equipment

Daily Voter Roster

Starr County Hospital District Election May 4, 2024

Public Notice of Canvass

Official Results Summary - Results by Precinct

Unofficial Election Day Results - Unofficial Results by Pct

Public Notice of Test of Automatic Tabulating Equipment

Notice of Election for Starr County Hospital District May 4, 2024

Starr County Hospital Order of Election May 4, 2024

Starr County Hospital Election Sample Ballot

Notice of Consolidated Precincts

Daily Voter Roster:

City of Rio Grande General Election May 4, 2024

Notice of Canvass

Notice of General Election in Rio Grande City May 4, 2024

Unofficial Results

Official Totals - Recount

Processed Voters:

March 5, 2024 Election Info

                     March 5, 2024 Election Results


                    Democrat Results - Results by PCT

                    Republican Results - Results by PCT


                   Democrat Results - Results By PCT

                   Republican Results - Results By PCT

Notice of Election - March 5, 2024

Notice of Republican Convention - English Spanish

Notice of Republican Convention Locations - English Spanish

Notice of Delivery of Ballots Voted by Mail

Public Notice of Test of Automatic Tabulating Equipment

Internet Posting Requirements for Political Subdivisions

Daily Voter Roster

Daily Mail-in Reports

March 2024 Primary Election Sample Ballots - Democrat Republican

Voter ID Requirements - English  Spanish

Notice of Drawing for a Place on a Ballot

Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report

2024 Filing Schedule for Candidates and Officeholders Filing with the County Clerk or Elections Administrator

How to apply for place on primary ballot 2024

Application for place on Primary Ballot

November 7, 2023 Election Info

Final Election Results - Final Results by Precinct

Unofficial Election Results - Results by Precinct

Election Dates and Locations

Order of Special Election - Constitutional Amendments

Notice of Consolidated Precincts

Notice of Election - Starr County

Notice of Election - RGCCISD

Constitutional Amendment Election Sample Ballot

***Daily Early Voting Roster***

Voter Deputy Registrar Training